WAVE - L-shape, left orientation, textile

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WAVE - L-shape, left orientation, textile
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Grupa materiałowa
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Goods: Wave L - textile version

Goods description

The designer-style L-shape Wave sofa sets the standard in every respect, to begin with its unusual form. Moreover, it attracts attention with its extremely modern streamlines. The wave-shaped lying surface (its unique feature) gives it the really individual character. Other elements, shiny shelves and contrasting headrests will make this luxurious sofa the jewel of your living room.

Wave sofa features

  • container in the armrest
  • LED lighting with the color changing option (via the remote)
  • adjustable headrests (both height and angle)
  • versatility and various uses (lying function, chair, or electric-driven relax function)
  • optional USB port in the armrest, LED reading lamp included (on request available also on both sofa sides)
  • made in EU

Goods information

Electric-driven relax function (option) 

Do you want the additional "relax" function? No problem, just choose it in a convenient way by clicking above. After the purchase, we will contact you in order to determine the optimal position of the seat.

LED lighting with color change

For each ordered sofa we include integrated LED lighting. The remote control easily helps change the color, intensity or choose other functions.

Additional element

Additional elements can be ordered for each sofa (one out of two). We can offer you a very large space for storing items, cooling cup holders, an induction charging station and USB ports.

USB port with LED lamp

You are sitting comfortably on the sofa, and out of the sudden, the battery of your phone is dead ... Sounds familiar? To make your life easier, just order an additional USB port.

Goods No.


Frame and fill

The fill is high quality polyurethane foam. Additional bonell springs not only prevent typical deformations of the seat but also provide extraordinary durability of the furniture. The solid frame of the sofa is made of durable and crack-resistant beech wood.


315 cm


200 cm (longer side)


80 cm

Seat height

40 cm

Seat depth

60 cm


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Color options – see the menu MATERIAL AND COLORS




L-shape sofa

Additional functions

Lying (bed) function, electrically driven relax function, USB port in the armrest, set of the drink cooler, USB port and the induction mobile charger.

Delivery time

6-8 weeks

Upholstery description

HUGO - the structural textile

This special fabric is above all elegant by its appearance and high on durability. Not only is it very convenient, but also very easy to care for. Popular on most sofas due to its excellent properties. Its wear resistance is over 30,000 washing cycles (100% PES).

CARABU textile

At the first glance, the CARABU fabric reminds a microfibre. It is also characterized by high quality technical values. It is extremely easy to clean thoroughly. The structure of Carabu allows you to quickly and easily remove various stains, including stains often causing trouble - coffee or tea - and with the help of lukewarm water only! Its abrasion resistance is over 75,000 washing cycles (the highest possible value), and at the same time it is soft and comfortable. The Carabu fabric is certified by Eco-Tex (58% PES, 21% polyamide, 21% Acrylic).

SUN VELVET textile

The Sun Velvet textile is not only silky smooth to the touch, but also incredibly soft. Many exclusive furniture manufacturers now offer this perfection to their customers. If you're also looking for something truly unique - something that will immediately catch your eye and impress with the intensity of colors, take a look at our collection and choose the shade of Sun Velvet that suits you best. Despite its softness, this fabric is also very resistant to damage, which results from a special production technique. Its wear resistance is over 50,000 washing cycles. (100% PES)