CONCEPT, - ZIW-19-0359

CONCEPT, - ZIW-19-0359

Darmowa dostawa
Bezpłatny montaż
Tax included
Raty 0% 20 rat x 490.10 zł
Najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką: PLN9,802.00

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Tax included
Raty 0% 20 rat x 490.10 zł
Najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką: PLN9,802.00

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Grupa materiałowa
Kolor główny
Kolor uzupełniający
Port USB
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Do you wish your modular sofa to be a match of comfort and a considerable amount of space, combined by incredible luxury and a taste of up-to-date trends? Make your mind and do choose the Concept collection! This L-shape corner is just the perfect place to relax - whether alone or with your loved ones. Its unique design and gently curved backrests grant it a truly harmonious look. The Concept corner is the best way to combine luxurious classic elegance and innovation of designers, the leather sofa lovers.

Concept sofa options: 

  • optional LED lighting with the color changing (via the remote)
  • optional USB port in both of the armrests, LED reading lamp included
  • choose the cushion number

Goods information

LED lighting with color change

For each ordered sofa we can optionally include the integrated LED lighting. The remote control easily helps change the color, intensity or choose other functions.

USB port with LED lamp

You are sitting comfortably on the sofa, and out of the sudden, the battery of your phone is dead ... Sounds familiar? To make your life easier, just order an additional USB port.

Goods No.


Frame and fill

The fill is high quality polyurethane foam.  The solid frame of the sofa is made of durable and crack-resistant beech wood.


250 cm


190 cm (longer side)


86 cm

Seat height

40 cm

Seat depth

72 cm 

Dimensions diagram

See the foto gallery


Many color options – see the menu MATERIAL AND COLORS




L-shaped sofa

Additional functions

USB port in the armrests

Delivery time

6-8 weeks

Standard version - features

1. Wooden construction

The upholstered furniture construction consists of plywood, furniture board, laminated board, MDF (medium density fibreboard) and beech wood.

2. Wooden seat frame – solid beech wood

The seat frame elements which carry the load are made of solid beech wood.
The frame is covered with upholstery felt (stiff, durable, friction-resistant) which protects the frame and helps the springs to absorb loads and displacements.

3. Wave springs

The wave springs are made of steel wire. The seat is both very stable and elastic, with high durability.
The wave springs offer the exceptional sitting comfort.


4. Furniture foam

The seat is made of durable, elastic and deformation-resistant PU foam.

The used foam features: increased hardness, increased air-breathability.
The PU foam is resistant to high and low temperatures and minimally loose its form (shape) with time.

Its structure offers better resilience – the key for body comfort.

5. Soft non-woven fabric

The soft non-woven fabric is the uppermost layer just under the upholstered textile. It offers the extra comfort and soft touch of seats, backs and armrests. It also provides the positive effect of modelling the outermost shape and softness of the upholstered textiles.

6. Elastic upholstery belts

The back of the furniture is supported by elastic belts – the elements responsible for resilience, softness and ergonomic rest of the user’s spine. The regular pattern of the belts perfectly copes with minor loads and offer the best comfort.

Upholstery description


In this variant all the parts subjected to weight load (such as seats and backs) have been upholstered with real cowhide from Italy. It is an exclusive high quality nappa leather used by many upholstered furniture manufacturers mainly due to the leather’s beautiful grain and softness. 

Each set of sofa is unique thanks to the nappa leather natural origin – sometimes the natural signs (bites, stings, stamps etc.) are even visible on the leather surface. This is the exact means of the individual feature of your sofa.

In order to provide an attractive price for this sofa bed, the invisible or non-directly loaded parts, such as backs, side panels or decorative strips are covered with color-matched Soft Life Premium artificial leather (surface: 100% polyurethane, foundation fabric: 100% Cotton).

The eco-leather Soft Lite Premium leather is both soft and gentle in touch. It is resistant to UV – the main advantage of it is, durability.

Thanks to its high quality and durability it is widely used by well-known furniture manufacturers and and very often it is a component of many popular models.
The furniture upholstered with the Soft Life Premium are elegant and skilfully mastered.

The Soft Life Premium is particularly skin-friendly, sweat- and  water-resistant and what’s most important – tearing-resistant. (surface: 100% polyurethane, supporting fabric: 100% cotton).
Therefore, the sofa is endurable and its lifetime lasts longer.


In this variant, the sofa is fully covered with real grain leather. It is a high quality cowhide from Italy with fine grain and excellent properties: it is particularly soft with a low level of pigmentation - which means improved protection of the surface against penetration of liquid and dirt. The natural grain remains clearly visible and almost unchanged. This material possesses all the features desired by the designer furniture: comfort, style, material thickness that will make enjoy your upholstered furniture for a very long time. This variant is especially recommended whenever the sofa is situated in the middle of the room and visible from all directions.

The undoubted advantage of Madras leather is its unique character, charm and beauty - each lam is different and testifies to the natural origin of the upholstery of this sofa. The surface of every Madras leather sofa has individual characteristics that make it unique - subtle scars, scratches, and slight wrinkles.


Our exclusive buffalo leather is a thick material of the highest quality and meets the highest demands. The quality of our buffalo skin is clearly visible and perceptible. It excels incredible comfort, softness and unique character. It thickness is 1.4-1.6 mm, with the typical grain structure. The leather is particularly popular among real connoisseurs of amazing leather products, real lovers of aesthetics.
The buffalo leather is unique - each lam is different and testifies to the natural origin of the upholstery of this sofa. The surface of every buffalo leather has individual characteristics that make it exceptional - subtle scars, scratches, and slight wrinkles. 

These attributes of natural leather do not exclude the leather as a material – on the contrary, everyone should be proud of seeing them, since they confirm the evidence of natural origin and unique character of the set.